Valuing the valuers – what we can learn from the junior doctors



We are very grateful to Alison Beech, Managing Director for Valunation, for allowing us to share her article 'Valuing the valuers' on our website.

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Valuing the Valuers - what we can learn from the junior doctors
By Alison Beech, Managing Director for Valunation

There is rumour of a growing culture within the world of residential valuation surveyors which seems to be about harsh targets with financial penalties and punishments if these are not achieved.  While we all understand the need to meet objectives, a penalty regime could risk driving a culture that is too much about the quantity of properties visited and which may leave little room for quality.

We can of course, all carry out more valuations through desk research, drive by valuations or by working exceptionally long hours, but does this really deliver the quality that our lender partners expect of us? What we strive to create at Valunation is a safe and supportive working environment where targets are stretching but not silly and success is rewarded rather than mistakes penalised.

The life of a valuation surveyor can be tougher than those not involved in it realise. It can be a lonely job, with hours if not days spent alone and few people to bounce thoughts or ideas off. Given this it is vital to create a working environment where surveyors feel supported and valued. If a company has good line management in place, the surveyor should never feel alone, even if they work by themselves all day.

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